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What is an affiliate program?What is a MyNameNecklace Affiliate?How much commission can I earn as a MyNameNecklace Affiliate?How many return days do I get?What is the Product Widget?How do we track from where the customer arrived at our website? What does it cost to join MyNameNecklace Affiliate Program? Can I join the affiliate program if I do not have a website? How do I get started? What graphic materials (or "links") will MyNameNecklace provide me? How are my commissions tracked?
What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is a means by which companies advertise on websites other than their own and pay for sales received as a direct result of this advertising. Affiliates will receive a percentage of the sales generated by referrals which arrive from their site.
What is a MyNameNecklace Affiliate?
A MyNameNecklace affiliate is a partner who earns money by driving sales to As an affiliate, you can display our unique Product Widget, banners, texts, and product links on your web site. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these links and purchases any item from us, you'll always earn a commission.
How much commission can I earn as a MyNameNecklace Affiliate?
The MyNameNecklace affiliate program has a Performance Fee Structure: The more sales you generate, the more money you earn. When the customers you refer spend more, you collect higher fees. Even if your site visitor doesn’t buy right away, you have 30 days for your customer to make a purchase & you’ll still be credited. Under the Performance Fee Structure, your referral rate will range from 10% to 15%, and be based upon the price sum of the items purchased from Below you can see our referral rate tier chart for the commission structure.Sales per month £0-£1499: 10%Sales per month £1500-£2500: 12%Sales per month £2500+: 15%You will be paid monthly. There is a minimum threshold payment of USD £50. If you don’t reach the £50 threshold, the commission will be passed on to the following payment. In addition we offer:30 Return Days!: Most advertisers only offer you 14 days, but with us you will get credit for all sales in the first 30 days from the time the customer first arrives. We want you to get paid for all the customers that you bring us. • No limit—there’s absolutely no limit on the commissions you earn!
How many return days do I get?
We offer 30 return days which means you can earn a commission up to 30 days after someone clicks on your ad and makes a purchase with us. Commissions are paid based on the amount of the purchase.
What is the Product Widget?
The MyNameNecklace Product Widget is a unique tool that enables you to place MyNameNecklace products in your site while adjusting all the parameters to suite your site and your customer’s needs. The widget enables you to choose: product, texts, texts colors, background color and much more. You can even choose to randomize the product offered!
How do we track from where the customer arrived at our website?
A specific link is given to each affiliate. When someone clicks on the link, they will be directed to our home page and we will be able to distinguish that they were referred by the affiliate.
What does it cost to join MyNameNecklace Affiliate Program?
Joining the program is free. There are no sign up fees, application fees, or dues of any kind. It's absolutely free!
Can I join the affiliate program if I do not have a website?
You certainly can. An individual or organization can place a textual link in an e-mail. This is particularly good for organizations or groups that send out newsletters or e-mails to a mailing list. You can also include the link to all e-mails, personnel or business which you send out. Anyone that clicks on the link and orders is your customer.
How do I get started?
Simply fill out the online application. You'll be able to select from a variety of links including logos, banners, text and our unique product widgets. Place any of these links on your site and you'll be able to start earning commission immediately.
What graphic materials (or "links") will MyNameNecklace provide me?
MyNameNecklace will supply targeted, fully-produced image text links and banner ads in a variety of sizes. In addition we offer our unique Product Widget. Choose the ones that you think will appeal to your visitors the most, and then place them on your site. We will update the material frequently so that you always have a great selection of fresh ads with our latest offers
How are my commissions tracked?
Each link that you post on your Web site contains special html code that is used to track your sales. This code allows us to associate all of the activity that occurs through the link with your specific affiliate account. Every time someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase, your affiliate account will be credited with the corresponding commission. You can access detailed reports about all of these transactions within your MyNameNecklace Affiliates account.What are you waiting for? -JOIN NOW! If you have questions, comments or ideas about the MyNameNecklace affiliate program, pleasee-mail us at:

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